Chloe Parkinson

Daramalan College's Great Shave 2022

Daramalan College's Great Shave 2022

This year, our Great Shave is raising funds for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation. Come support our Great Shave participants on Thursday Week 3 and help raise funds for the SCHF!

If you have any questions or would like to register, please email

Thank you to my Supporters


Mum & Dad

We are so incredibly proud of you Boofhead. Thankfully you have inherited your mum's skull structure.


Penny Ball


Jason Menezes

Very proud of my niece!


Nanny And Grumps

We are so impressed by your wonderfully generous contribution Chloe.


Nicholas And Kathy Menezes

Well done Chloe for giving it a curl. You a definitely a cut above the rest.


Nana & Grandpa


Charlotte Blackley

Go get ‘em Chloe! Super proud of you 😊😊


Sasha Sachs

Way to go Chloe. So proud of you xxx


Helen Merkel


Michelle English

Chloe you are a treasure, thank you for giving so much for others xx


Cindy Elliott

Well done Chloe! What an inspiration!