Avyaansh's 2nd Birthday

By Chirag Bansal

Help me celebrate with a gift to Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation!


Birthdays are occasions for celebration and gifts. And there is nothing better than the gift of love and blessings. Starting this year, we want to do something different. We request you to join us in celebrating Avyaansh's 2nd birthday and share your love and blessings with him. We also request you not to bring any physical gifts for him. 

Rather this year we request you join us in donating and raising funds for the children in need. You don't need to go overboard, you can simply use the same amount that you would have spent on the gift to give a smile to a kid in need.

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation supports Australia's leading paediatric health services, offering a safe and friendly healing environment for children from NSW and beyond. Every dollar we raise contributes to keeping our hospitals running at a world class, award-winning level.

That’s why we’ve chosen to raise much needed funds for the Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation. Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Supporters



Love you Avyaansh! Stay healthy and happy y sweetheart!


Akshaya Bansal

Happy birthday Avyaansh!!


Shantanu Bansal


Manish Bopardikar

Happy Birthday Avyaansh.. 🎊🎂 what a great way to celebrate your birthday.. Thanks to mom n dad for contributing towards a great cause… 👍



Happy bday chhotu.




Geetha Prabhakar Bhat

Good on you to find a worthy charity. God bless you all. Aunty



Happy Birthday Avyaansh 🎈🎉


Tiara Sharma

Great initiative