Running for Randwick Children's Hospital

By Jordan Carmichael

I’ve chosen to raise much needed funds for Sydney Children's Hospital

"In October last year our beautiful little boy Finlay, then 8 Months old, was taken into hospital with suspected croup. The next 5 days proved to be the biggest rollercoaster in mine and my wife Samantha's life.

After initially being taken in for observation for two days and then discharged, a secondary infection took hold of Finn and attacked his larynx and upper throat. As a family, we went from the relief of him being ok and out of hospital to the operating table within 4 hours. 

By the time the team of surgeons took him into theatre the infection had so aggressively advanced that he had a gap of less than 2mm with which to breath and was within an hour of being fatal. The quick-thinking and passionate teamwork of the doctors and nurses from Emergency, Ears Nose & Throat, Anaesthesia and the ICU saved Finlay's life. And the ongoing 24/7 1:1 care given in the ICU, where he was completely sedated and breathing with assistance from a ventilator for 76 hours, enabled him to recover fully and blossom into the amazing little boy he is today.

This hospital is simply exceptional and will forever hold a special place in our hearts for the care they gave our son and the gift they gave us of keeping this happy little boy at the centre of our world as well as the continued joy of watching him grow, learn and thrive.

The actions taken that day saved his life and the alternative does not bear thinking about. Even the imagined pain of what could have happened is greater than anything that I have ever experienced. This is what I intend to remind myself when feeling the pain of running a series of distance races in 2018 encompassing the SMH Half Marathon, City2Surf, The Blackmores Half Marathon and the Runaway Barossa Full Marathon.

I will be running for Finlay. I will be running for Randwick.

Please support me and this wonderful hospital in any way you can."

Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick is one of Australia's leading specialist medical centres for children, offering a safe and friendly healing environment for children from NSW and beyond. The Hospital's expert medical staff care for more than 69,000 critically ill and injured children every year. I’ve chosen to raise much needed funds for Sydney Children's Hospital. Thank you for your support!

Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation raises funds for Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick , The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Bear Cottage, the Newborn and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS NSW) and Kids Research