2024 Applications

Artwork Pictured: Tahlia Henderson, Resting Place in the Field of Mars, 2023

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We’re now seeking submissions for our 2024 exhibition and arts learning program at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick.

Each season 5 exhibition sites across 3 floors of the Hospital are transformed with a rotating exhibition schedule. Featured works include those by patients, children and young people, independent and emerging artists, mid-career and senior artists, community groups, institutions and curated group shows. View our previous exhibitions.

This year we are excited to implement seasonal themes across the Art Program calendar findings ways to build intentional lines of connection across all aspects of the Program.

We invite you to connect with our themes and share your creative works, concepts and future imaginaries to be shared with the Hospital community; fostering opportunities that enrich our social, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

2024 Themes

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Season One: Story (Autumn)

It matters what stories we dream new stories with – Jessie French, Artist (Naarm, Melbourne)

Real, imagined, folktale or fable, storytelling embraces the diversity of perspectives. Season One: Story hopes to offer a rich insight into culturally, socially and geographically significant storytelling methods by looking towards the ways stories enrich our social, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. By embracing the rich diversity of human experience, we hope to amplify the various ways we live and make sense of the world through the important stories we tell.

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Season Two: Light (Winter)

Light is a feeling
Light is an energy
Light is a metaphor
Light is matter.  

Delving into the many different qualities, powers and manifestations of light as a material, source and emotion, Season Three: Light contemplates the importance of elevation and illumination in the healing journey.

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Season Three: Connectedness (Spring)

We may feel connected to one place or many, one community or many, one landscape or many.

Rejoicing in the places, communities, and environments we feel at ease in and with – Season Two: Connectedness invites reflection on how we build, nurture and grow our worlds both physically and metaphorically. No matter how we foster connectedness it is a space of safety where we can be our truest selves.

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Season Four: Mapping (Summer)

How might we map bodies, landscapes, conversations, experiences and emotions through linear and cyclical languages; through signs and symbols and resonant networks?

Season Four: Mapping draws us into communion and collaboration with other bodies, beings, forms and formations through offering insight into how we build and chart our understandings of our internal and external worlds.

Applications for the exhibition program close on Sunday 8 October 2023.

To help you prepare your proposal, we’ve compiled some guidelines and useful information about our various programs. We strongly recommend you read these before you complete your proposal form.

For more information and sales, please contact the Art Program via email art@schf.org.au or call 1800 244 537.

Application Form

Please complete all mandatory fields. 

If you have trouble submitting your application using the form below, email us directly art@schf.org.au. Please ensure you include answers to all the questions in the form alongside the requested attachments

Preferred Exhibition Rotation/s *

Please check or highlight your preferred rotation. You may select multiple/all rotations. Your rotation preference will be used to determine scheduling when your application is being assessed. 

Season One: Story (Autumn, March – May 2024)
Season Two: Light (Winter, June – August 2024)
Season Three: Connectedness (Spring, September – November 2024)
Season Four: Mapping (Summer, December 2024 – February 2025)

Exhibition Title *

Approximate Price Range *

Exhibition Outline *

Please provide a description of what your exhibition will include (medium, description of subject matter, approximate quantity of work etc.), how this exhibition will capture the aims of the Art Program (as outlined in the support material), how this exhibition will engage with our key audiences and ways for possible inclusion of patient/sibling artwork. As we are unsure what restrictions will be in place next year to manage the spread of COVID-19 – we also encourage applicants to submit concepts and ideas that Art Program staff can than develop and deliver with remote support from artists.

Associated Workshops or Programs *

Please provide ideas of possible workshops or programs this exhibition could generate. There is no obligation for exhibiting artists to facilitate workshops or programs. Consider that your concept written below could be delivered by Art Program staff if the participating artist is unavailable or unable to access the Hospital due to restrictions.  

Examples of Your Work *

Please upload images of your work as a single PDF (10 images max). These images should be of the artworks you intend to display in the Hospital, or a strong indication of your intended style and exhibition subject matter. Include details for each artwork  (artist, title, medium, dimensions, year).

If you are experiencing issues uploading your PDF, please contact art@schf.org.au.