Pauly's 50th Birthday

The Kids Cancer Centre is based in Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick and is one of the most established cancer centres in Australia, with a 50-year heritage of treating kids with cancers and blood disorders. 

Oncologists from around the country come here to learn about the latest discoveries and technicques in childhood cancer community. Their work has dramatically changed the lives of kids around the world. Now, they are leading Australia in the race for a cure.

This is a place close to my heart.

Thank you for your support,
Paul Henry. 

A big thank you to our Supporters

The real heroes who are kindly helping us achieve our goal

Danielle Wheeler


Nick & Maja Reid

Paul, happy Birthday and thanks for having us. Please accept our donation to the Kids Cancer Centre as it's a great cause. Nick & Maja Reid


Dave Rothwell

Happy 50th Pauley, looking forward to celebrating with you! Love Rothy


Matthew Melville