Your donation will support the work of the Aboriginal Health Unit at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. The Aboriginal Health Unit provides support and assistance to children and their families and communities in a culturally safe manner.

This important team provides:

  • General support for patients, parents and carers
  • Additional support for extended family
  • Practical ‘away from home’ support
  • Assistance with emergency resources
  • Attendance at meetings with your child’s medical team
  • Advocacy
  • A cultural space for families to connect and feel safe

Patients are cared for by their primary medical team and a social worker (if required). The role of the Aboriginal Health Unit is to provide additional support and advocacy when needed.

Your donation could support priority needs such as:

$50 could fund emergency food, toiletries and clothes vouchers for patients and families undergoing emergency/trauma admissions.

$100 could fund craft/paint supplies for patients or culturally significant resources and story books for patients while undergoing treatment.

$500 could help support Aboriginal Research to improve access to healthcare.

$1000 could fund the transportation of a child’s body back to Country adhering to cultural practices and respecting kinship ties

For more information about the Aboriginal Health Unit please click here.


Frequently asked questions

Where can I learn more about the Aboriginal Health Unit?

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You can read more about the Aboriginal Health Unit here

Is my donation tax-deductible?

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Yes! All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

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