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Curing Homesickness

Children’s hospital foundations like ours raise vital funds to help sick kids with all types of medical conditions or injuries; from broken bones to childhood cancer. One thing that many kids experience when staying in hospital – whatever their reason for being here – is homesickness.

We have heard so many stories from kids about what they miss most – favourite meals, their pet, dance rehearsals, sports practice, school – that we created the Curing Homesickness campaign because we believe no child belongs in hospital, they belong at home.

To help us launch the campaign nationally, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation teamed up with children’s hospital foundations around Australia but funds donated or raised locally support the local hospital.

At the heart of the campaign is a short film called Mum’s Sause, which is about a story that we’re asking Australians to help make real. In the film, a young girl plays the part of Ali whose brother finds her handwritten note asking for ‘mum’s sause’.

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