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More than 100 children a day come through the Emergency Department
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More than 50% of Hospital patients admitted are under five years of age
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At any one time there are 400 patients undergoing cancer treatment in the Hospital
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Each month more than 500 children undergo surgery
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1,700 people work at the Hospital, including 595 nurses and 300 research staff
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1,200 patients and siblings are enrolled in the Hospital's school
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Thousands of patients in the Hospital come from regional NSW
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The Hospital has 160 beds on average
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Each month 244 ambulances arrive at the Emergency Department
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Each year 744 limb fractures are seen in the Emergency Department 
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Each year there are more than 280,000 outpatient appointments
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Each year 10,400 band-aids are used in our Emergency Department
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Each year more than 11,000 icy poles are given to recovering patients in Emergency and post-surgery
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Child Life Therapists use about five kilos of play dough every month

Can you believe Hospital staff get through more than two litres of bubbles every day at the Hospital,
which they use to distract or entertain patients. That’s 730 litres a year!

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