This week is National Reconciliation Week, and as part of our ongoing commitment to improving Aboriginal Health Services, we’re directing all unspecified donations made this week to the Aboriginal Health Unit.

Since 2020, we’ve pledged to give 100% of all unspecified donations made during Reconciliation Week to the Aboriginal Health Unit at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. We believe that all sick kids deserve equal access to the very best treatments and outcomes.

Your tax-deductible gift to the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation today can help ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families continue to receive the best possible care and support.

In Unity We Heal - Gilimbaa Artwork
Artwork: “In Unity We Heal” by David Williams of Gilimbaa.

Your donation will support


Opportunities for aboriginal families to access a traditional Aboriginal healer while in hospital, to explore the use of traditional healing alongside Western medicine.


Contribute to costs associated with Sorry Business for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who pass away whilst in hospital.


Culturally safe screening tool in the emergency department to help improve patient experience and child health outcomes.

By donating to the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, you’ll be making a meaningful contribution towards improving healthcare outcomes for Indigenous children and their families. Together, we can ensure that they receive the support and care they deserve.