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could fund emergency food, toiletries and clothes vouchers for patients and families undergoing emergency admissions.
could fund culturally significant resources and Aboriginal story books for patients while undergoing treatment.
could support half a day for an Aboriginal Research Officer to consult with the community on improving access to healthcare.
could fund the transport of a child’s body back to Country adhering to cultural practices and respecting kinship ties.
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Be brave. Make a change.

Donate today to have an impact on health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children today and in the future.

All money raised during National Reconciliation week (27 May - 3 June) will go directly towards vital projects as identified by the Aboriginal Health Unit (AHU) within the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network.

The Network's Aboriginal Health team is turning around health disparities through research, advocacy, leadership and high-quality services, ensuring safe, reliable and evidenced-based care.

Close the gap. Support this work by making a donation today.

The impact of your donation

With your support, SCHF has been able to fund vital positions and programs to help the Aboriginal Health Unit make a difference in the lives of Aboriginal children, young people and their families.


To welcome Aboriginal children and families, SCHN’s Aboriginal Health Strategic Program creates culturally appropriate, safe spaces and Acknowledgement of Country signs.


Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network’s (SCHN) Ngala Nanga Mai pARenT Group Program focuses on cultural art-making sessions that foster identity, sense of belonging and resilience.  


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