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Help give sick kids like Kurt get the childhood they deserve

For some kids, childhood is far from what it should be...

Instead of playdates there are appointments, instead of sleepovers there are stays and instead of firsts there can be lasts. Childhood is spent being rushed between hospital wards and outreach centres, undertaking tests and scans and missing the important milestones that every child deserves. 

That's why we need you on our side to help fight for them. Together, we can save lives, find new cures, provide world-class care and give sick kids the childhoods they deserve.

Help all sick kids by making a tax-deductible donation today!

How your donation helps

Current paediatric health funding does not extend to cover the costs needed to reach the level of excellence these kids deserve.

This tax time, your donation helps provide:

  1. new equipment, training and education
  2. groundbreaking research
  3. new state-of-the-art facilities
  4. new equipment, training and education
  5. groundbreaking researchnew state-of-the-art facilities


of our income last year went straight to the frontline of kids health


kids recieved necessary medical care last year thanks to your generous support


research projects were funded becuase of you, helping countless sick kids now and in the future