Greenlight Pilot

Bringing Hollywood to the world of medical research

In the movie industry, the ‘Greenlight’ is the process by which the decision is made to produce and finance a movie. Developed over 100 years of Hollywood practice, it resembles a ‘wise crowd’ in its outcomes, producing high quality decisions that are better than individual expert or committee decisions.

The Foundation is now exploring if Hollywood's Greenlight process could be applied to decision-making about funding medical research. Could it help to attract investment in new and innovative ideas that would not otherwise be funded? We think the answer is yes!

New ideas and new philanthropy

We’re launching a Greenlight Pilot Program to explore how this model could work in practice. Our aim is to stimulate innovation in paediatric medical research and unlock new investment for unfunded ideas.

The Pilot is being led by Dr David Court, a Board director of Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation and the founder of Compton School, Australia’s first business school for creative people. Compton School will partner with the Foundation to apply their teaching expertise and practical experience of the Greenlight process to address the challenge of finding funding for medical research.

What will the Pilot Program offer?

We’ll be offering training to researchers to enhance their skills in pitching complex medical ideas to philanthropists and connecting them with mentors and inviting ‘Greenlighters’ to vote online as part of a peer review process. We’ll also be engaging the Foundation’s supporters in the Pilot program design, to explain what matters to philanthropists with a burning desire to change future outcomes for children’s health and how we can match them with researchers who share that vision. Then we’ll be bringing them all together for a live pitching event at the end of the process with the aim of finding a perfect match between the ideas and the philanthropy!

Do you have a new unfunded research idea you are keen to bring to life?

Are you interested in contributing to the design of the Greenlight Pilot?

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