Getting kids home sooner

Designed and coordinated by Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, Curing Homesickness is a unique campaign that has united children’s hospital Foundations and paediatric services from across Australia in a collaborative effort to deliver national impact.

Every year children account for one million admissions to hospitals in Australia. They may be there for a day, a week or even months, and for many different reasons, but there’s something all kids in hospital suffer from: homesickness.

Fifty percent of children in hospital have been reported to suffer from moderate to high levels of homesickness, but homesickness isn’t always recognised as a serious complication of illness.

“Severe homesickness in children can lead to social and behavioural problems, anxiety and coping issues, and feelings of helplessness. Studies also show that severe homesickness symptoms only worsen in children the longer they are away from home.”

Dr Michael Bowden
Head of Department, Psychological Medicine
Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network

The launch of this ambitious national campaign kicked off with the fictional story of ‘Ali’. This beautiful short film tells the all too familiar story of a little girl who in her time of illness just really misses her Mum’s ‘Pasta Sause’.  With celebrity cameos and the power of one viral note, the film shows how we can do our very best to cure homesickness, together.

Watch the video

This is the first time that homesickness has been the focus of a fundraising and awareness campaign and we are excited that the response from the public has been so positive.

Funds will be used to help kids get home sooner from hospital by investing in groundbreaking research, state-of-the-art technology, world-class clinical care and activities to help kids feel more at home during their hospital stay.

Because kids don’t belong in hospital, they belong at home.

Find out what you can do to get involved.

What you can do

  • Buy Coles “Mum’s Sause”

Coles have made the famous “Mum’s Sause” a reality and created a pasta sauce with a 4-star health rating that can be purchased from over 800 stores across the country from today! 50 cents from every jar helps kids in hospital. Find your nearest store

  • Grab a Limited-Edition T-shirt from Assembly Label

Assembly Label has released an exclusive and limited-edition range of t-shirts for men, women and children available in-store and online, with all proceeds going towards Curing Homesickness. Find your nearest store or order online.

  • Enjoy your next dinner out at Pasta Pantry

Pasta Pantry’s Sydney stores are donating funds and raising awareness by renaming their flagship pasta dishes in support of Curing Homesickness. Find your nearest Pasta Pantry.

Together, we can cure homesickness. 

Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation raises funds for Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick , The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Bear Cottage, the Newborn and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS NSW) and Kids Research