Minderoo Foundation’s $5 million donation to Zero Childhood Cancer will help kids with the most aggressive cancers.

15 May 2019

Today, Minderoo Foundation’s Eliminate Cancer initiative will announce a $5 million partnership with the Zero Childhood Cancer Program.

15 May 2019

Committed to reducing childhood cancer deaths to zero, the donation from Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s Foundation will help to drive further research into childhood cancer, scale the program in Australia, help establish standardised international protocols and change the lives of kids like Jack.

Two years ago, Jack was diagnosed with brain cancer at just nine years old. Following surgery his progress was good, but 12 months later he relapsed with multiple tumours in his brain and spine.

Jack’s cancer failed to respond to standard treatment and his condition was rapidly declining. His eyesight was threatened by the build-up of fluid in his brain and he could no longer walk.

He was enrolled into the Zero Childhood Cancer Program (Zero) which genetically tested his cancer and detected a mutation believed to be driving its aggressive growth. Thanks to this information, the Zero Team identified new therapies uniquely designed to target and kill his specific cancer. Within 45 days Jack was out of a wheelchair, playing tennis, and doctors now believe it’s likely he’s cured.

Zero, led in partnership by the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick and the Children’s Cancer Institute, is designed to fast track kids with high-risk aggressive cancers into treatment with new drugs specifically tailored for their unique disease.

Donations, like the one made today by the Minderoo Foundation, will give more families of kids with the most aggressive cancers hope where there would otherwise be none.

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation is a proud Funding Partner of Zero. If you would like to support the program, please email our Philanthropy Manager Amanda Craze –

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