Meet Ollie: the 'Face Of' our Gold Appeal

9 May 2018

Meet Ollie, the 'Face Of' this year's Gold Appeal. He's a funny, happy nine-year-old boy and looking at his infectious grin, you wouldn’t believe he’s had 28 operations in his short life - the first at only two days old. 

Ollie has VACTERL association, a rare condition that affects his bowel, heart, kidneys, limbs and spine.

He has received care from so many different specialist teams within Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick – he really does represent all the 69,000 children cared for by the Hospital each year.

Ollie was also born with a club foot and was missing several small bones in his ankle. Unfortunatey amputation and a prosthetic leg was the only way to give Ollie a life of full mobility. But that hasn’t stopped him.

Ollie loves soccer, has taken up cricket and is fast becoming a swimming superstar and now he’s ready to be our Gold Appeal ‘Face Of’.

Read Ollie's story

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