Give regularly and become a part of the Kids’ Army

From research to recovery:

One donation helping all sick kids.

Kids’ Army is the name for SCHF Regular Givers. 14,000 change agents who, through regular donations, are always there to help sick kids.

You can help provide amazing care for our kids every day by setting up a regular monthly donation. By joining this special team you will help to fund more research, more machines, more people and more amazing moments.

Just complete the form below to become a Kids’ Army member with Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.

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See what your monthly gift could fund


Could take care of the basics

Every month, your donation could provide two Emergency Care Packs including essential toiletries and other daily use items for parents who have to rush to our Hospital with little warning.


Could guide a surgeon’s precision

Every month, your donation could provide a set of specialised paediatric tissue forceps – used to grasp, compress and move dressings or tissue at the miniature scale required during surgery on a child.


Could soothe a worried young mind

Each month, your donation could help fund a play doll, used by our Child Life Therapists to demonstrate procedures to sick and scared kids and to reassure them everything will be ok.