Light Up Xmas Appeal

Yu can give sick kids a brighter Christmas

Each year, thousands of children like Jamison have to spend Christmas in hospital. This can mean that they’re away from their families, away from their friends and away from the place they love most, home.

By donating today, you can help sick kids to enjoy the joy, laughter and light that Christmas brings no matter where they are.

Meet the kids with a brighter Christmas ahead

Jamison Age 9

Meet Jamison, Age 9

Jamison loves Christmas. Your generous donation will give Jamison and so many children like him the very best care and be able to enjoy Christmas with their families.

Bridget age 11

Meet Bridget, Age 11

Bridgette was an active girl before her diagnosis. Your donation will
help kids like Bridgette feel the joy
of Christmas, even in the midst of treatment.


Meet Archie, Age 5

Archie has faced incredible challenges to become a happy little boy. Gifts like yours will give brave Archie an extra reason to smile this Christmas.