Donate today and go all in for kids’ health

Nobody loves Christmas more than kids – the anticipation, the food, and of course, the visits from Santa! This year some kids will be too sick, ill or injured to be where they want to be – at home surrounded by their family and that magical festive spirit. Instead, for many of them Christmas is spent in a ward, treatment room or outreach centre.

With your help we can give sick kids a brighter Christmas and shine a light on kids’ health.

For kids like Holly, support means funding for crucial research to find better treatment options and give her the best quality of life. Holly is one of only 300 children in Australia with Rett syndrome - a cruel disorder that affects the brain and over time causes the body to lose movement in the arms and legs. It also robs these kids of their ability to speak, which is why they are often referred to as silent angels. Research is being undertaken to try and find a desperately needed cure by overriding the effects of the disorder - but they need you. 

Please give the greatest gift of all - the gift of hope - to Holly’s family and others like them today.

Every year, more than 500 families rely on Bear Cottage for respite and support, especially during the festive season. Families like Marcus’ who visit Bear Cottage to enjoy life’s simple pleasures - ones they normally wouldn’t be able to. Marcus has the rarest mitochondrial DNA disease in the world - so rare that the first-ever diagnosis happened just eight years ago. One-third of children diagnosed pass away before the age of three, and there is no known cure. Bear Cottage, which is the only children’s hospice in NSW, is dedicated to caring for kids like Marcus with life-limiting conditions and their families. “There are some moments you’re just drowning, about to go under and Bear Cottage finds a way to pick you up again,” Charmaine, Marcus’ mum says. “Without Bear Cottage, I don’t even know where a lot of families would be, including my own”. 

To help make the festive season brighter for families who rely on this truly special service, please donate today, please donate today.

Natasha hadn’t heard of children being born with cancer, until her own child, Ashton, was diagnosed at just 4 days old. At 5 days old, Ashton started chemotherapy and today, at two years old, he is still fighting his cancer battle. Natasha is now trying to raise awareness for the impact donations can have on families with a sick child. “It makes families smile knowing people out there are so generous and open-hearted to be able to say, here’s my donation. Let’s make a difference,” she says. “Because no one fights alone and if we all do this together, it could be a different outcome for so many people”. You can help more kids like Ashton access the world-class care and equipment they need this Christmas, please donate today.