Daniel's birthday

By Rhoda Barsalli

Help me celebrate with a gift to Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation!

Please join me in celebrating this special occasion by raising money to support an amazing organisation.

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation supports Australia's leading paediatric health services, offering a safe and friendly healing environment for children from NSW and beyond. Every dollar we raise contributes to keeping our hospitals running at a world class, award-winning level.

That’s why I’ve chosen to raise much needed funds for the Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation. Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Supporters


Imogen And Annette Benn

Great idea to donate to Sydney children’s! We’ve been very grateful to them having needed their services a couple of times. Hope Daniel has a lovely birthday x


Ricky Reitano

Happy Birthday to Daniel, we hope you had a lovely day. Thank you for giving up your birthday gifts for a big donation to children needing extra care right now, it is a very thoughtful thing to do.


Adrienne And Findlay Sutherland

Happy birthday, Daniel! We love you and your kind spirit.


Nessrin Ryan

Happy birthday sweet Daniel 🥰


Babita Kumanan


Erin Dawson

Happy birthday Daniel! Well done for suggesting we donate to such a worthy cause for your birthday.


Huxley Dawson

Happy birthday Daniel! This is such an awesome idea- good work!


Romi Papaellinas

Happiest of Birthdays Daniel!! What a beautiful thought to donate for your birthday! We got you a little something also to celebrate your special day. Love Romi