Birthday Fundraiser for Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation

By Mel’s 38th Birthday Wish

My Birthday Wish for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation

I’m the adult that will jump in on the jumping castle instead of watch.. be the first to take my heels off and run around with the children..

Seeing them smile, hearing them laugh and giggle.. smile

I’m passionate about the welfare of our next generation - your children - and ensuring they receive the best care and nurturing whilst in hospital

This may not be much in the greater scheme of things.. but this year I decided that the materialistic things don’t matter as much as they once use too..

So no birthday presents, but instead a donation to a great cause (every little bit counts innocent)

Thank you for your support!

Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation raises funds for Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick , The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Bear Cottage, the Newborn and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS NSW) and Kids Research