Friday 21st October 2022
The Fullerton Hotel, Sydney

sunSCHine raises funds for Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation to ensure the best care for a child in hospital today and better health for all children tomorrow.

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For 2022, sunSCHine will be supporting Sydney Children’s Hospital Network’s Neurology Service 

Sydney Children’s Hospital Network’s Neurology Service are international leaders in paediatric neurological research and care, supporting infants, children and adolescents from all over NSW and even interstate. Each year, these dedicated departments support children suffering from strokes, epilepsy, neuromuscular conditions, brain tumours, infections, and rare neurological conditions.   

As international leaders in paediatric neurological care, they share what they’ve learned with others, helping elevate all kids’ health throughout Australia, echoing around the globe. While these achievements have taken them to the cusp of something special, paediatric healthcare is sitting at a vital crossroads.  

The Kids Neuroscience Centre are on the verge of a revolution in neuroscience therapy. They are approaching one of the most exciting breakthroughs in neurological care, which could result in real life precision therapy for children with life limiting conditions. However, the process is challenging, complex and expensive. Existing funding does not extend to cover the costs needed to reach the level of excellence these kids deserve, nor does it allow for the kind of groundbreaking research needed to make new discoveries and advancements in paediatric health. 

With your help, the Neurology Service can further invest in clinical care, revolutionary research, education, and advocacy to ensure the very best care for a child in hospital today and better health for all children tomorrow. Together we can turn breakthroughs into treatments, so that these kids can have a chance at an ordinary childhood.  

By supporting sunSCHine, we can help them find answers for thousands of families, solving neuro-disorders that have previously been considered unpreventable and irreversible. Together, we can give children the childhood they deserve, free of pain, worry and fear.  

Since it's inception in 2010, sunSCHine has raised nearly $5.5 million for the areas of greatest or unique need across the Hospitals

sunSCHine Committee 2022

Sarah Hogan (Chair)
Leah Bischoff (Deputy Chair)
Marnie Skillings (Creative Director)
Ortenzia Borre
Jenna Kallin

Amanda Lennon
Lily Amelia Knowland
Natalia Ibrahim
Marie Vlassis


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