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2018 Gold Telethon Amount Raised: $6,186,670

Celebrating the Gold Moments

During our Gold Appeal we'll be celebrating the gold moments that make childhood special. Sometimes these moments are small and simple, sometimes they are huge and life-changing. We have a chance to create moments that matter, and make each day better than the last for sick kids.

Meet Ollie The face of our Gold Appeal

Even before Ollie was born, his parents and doctors knew that he would have to fight for his life.

When he was just two days old, Ollie had open heart surgery and he’s needed 27 major operations since.

And so began Ollie’s battle for life. The medical team had to decide not only how to treat all his conditions, but also which to treat first.

Join the Gold Appeal Mobile

This year we are extending our fundraising efforts and taking our Gold Appeal on the road to reach our regional and rural communities. From Tamworth to Canberra, the Gold Appeal Mobile will raise vital funds, promote children’s health and create special moments to help sick kids live their healthiest lives.

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