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Make every moment count

We’re celebrating the moments that matter during our Gold Appeal in May and June. Sometimes these gold moments are small and simple, sometimes they are huge and life-changing. When a child is sick, these moments hold so much hope. They tell us that a child is OK, that they have turned a corner, that today is a good day. Supporting our Gold Appeal is a chance to make each day better than the last for sick kids. It’s a way of creating moments that matter in their lives.

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Meet Aria: The little Wonder Woman

Aria wants to be Wonder Woman when she grows up. She believes she has super powers, and we do too.

Inspiring creativity for kids

Art can have a magical effect on kids in hospital. It has the ability to make them feel happy, distracted, creative, relaxed and free. This can mean everything when they're sick, away from home, school and their friends.

Julie's Journey

"All of my doctors, all of the nurses, all of the social workers, I want to thank them so much for the confidence that they've given me."

At Sydney Children's Hospital, care goes beyond the clinical. It gives patients like Julie the courage and self-belief they need to achieve their dreams.

Meet volunteers Jo and George

With four children, seven grandchildren and 47 yeas of marriage under their belt, Jo and George value family more than anything else. They joined the Hospital family 10 years ago and have been volunteering once a week ever since.

From welcoming you at the front desk, to a cuddle on the ward, volunteers at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick bring comfort and kindness at times when it's needed most. We would like to thank Jo, George and the 115 other Hospital volunteers for everything they do to support sick kids and their families.

Magical moments in the Fairy Garden

"A little sunshine and fresh air does magic as well." Wise words from the wonderful Fairy Sparkle OAM, whose spellbinding garden transports sick kids to another world where they can forget they're in Hospital.

Watch 10-year-old Daphne's enchanting tour of her happy place - the Fairy Garden.

Meet first year nurse, Alex

Meet Alex, a first year nurse in the Emergency Department at Sydney Childen's Hospital, Randwick. In this video, Alex shares the heartbreaking reason she decided to become a nurse and that special moment she realised the difference her care makes to kids and their parents.

We would like to thank all nurses, like Alex, who pour their heart and soul into their work and the people they care for.

Passing the Gold Baton

Being the 'Face Of' our Gold Appeal is a big responsibility, so we wanted to make sure our 2018 candidate, Ollie, felt ready. There was only one person for the job... Ollie, meet Owen, 2017's 'Face Of'. Watch this video to see how these new besties bonded over a love of Sydney FC.

Gold Appeal 2018 launch

It was a magical day in the Hospital as we celebrated the launch of our Gold Appeal with a special 'Gold Day' for patients, families and staff.

As well as raising funds, Gold Appeal is all about creating special moments for patients and their families, so we made sure Gold Day was all about them!

From face painting to abseiling superheroes, special guests and brand-new boots (thanks to our event sponsor EMU Australia) it was the perfect day to launch Gold Appeal.

Gold Appeal animation

When a heavy heart is filled with courage
And a stitched-up tummy finds something funny.
When legs that don’t work get up and dance
And a fragile life is given a chance.
When a broken body learns to play
And a burdened childhood becomes less grey.

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