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Make every moment count

We celebrate the gold moments that make childhood special during our Gold Appeal in May and June. Your support can help us create gold moments. Sometimes these moments are small and simple, sometimes they are huge and life-changing. Either way they are part of what makes childhood that magical and special time of life. Help us make every moment count for sick kids by holding your own Gold Appeal fundraising event or Donate today.

Meet Owen

Eleven year old Owen is the face of our Gold Appeal in 2017. He's been visiting our Hospital since he was three, after being diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Join Owen on a tour of the Hospital to meet some of the people who have helped him over the past eight years.

Watch as Owen takes us on a tour of the hospital and meet some of the doctors, nurses and staff that have made his time at the hospital special. 

Meet Kylie

Emergency Department staff at Sydney Children's Hospital are always on hand to support the 100 young patients, and their families, who come through the department each and every day.

Nurse Manager in ED, Kylie - who has worked in the field for over 30 years - took some time out to tell us about some of the special moments she's experienced.

Meet Coco

Accomplishing simple tasks like walking, putting shoes on or going down stairs can be difficult for 8 year old Coco, who has Cerebral Palsy, but through regular therapy and the assistance of our Hospital she has made incredible progress.

Watch Coco and her parents tell us about some of her memorable moments.

Meet Fairy Sparkle

Fairy Sparkle began visiting children in hospitals more than 25 years ago and her jingling bells, magic wand and glittery wings always bring a smile to our patients’ faces, including 9 year old Lauren who receives regular visits from Fairy.

Watch Fairy celebrate the many moments she's had with patients, families, staff and volunteers at our Hospital.

Meet Music Matt

Matt, a Music Therapist at Sydney Children's Hospital, brings comfort and joy to our patients and their families when they need it most.

In this video, meet Matt and five year old Freyja, who is an oncology patient at our Hospital. Freyja and her sisters, Inge and Brynne, enjoy taking time out to play guitar with Matt.

Meet Dr Simon

Dr Simon loves to entertain and have fun with our Hospital's little patients and his enthusiasm for life is infectious. He believes Sydney Children's Hospital is a place where you really feel like kids can get better.

Watch Dr Simon tell us about some memorable moments he has had as a Paediatric Doctor.

Meet Olivia

Seventeen year old Olivia is a cystic fibrosis patient and has been coming to our Hospital since she was five weeks old. Olivia finds her physiotherapy sessions beneficial and lots of fun and her physios have become like family to her. This year she's studying her HSC and hopes to enter the hospitality industry after finishing school.

Watch Olivia tell us about some of her memorable moments as a patient at Sydney Children's Hospital.

Meet Esther and Helen

Esther (left) and Helen (right) have been volunteering at our Hospital for 35 years combined! Whether it’s relieving parents so they can have a quick break, playing games with our patients or helping out on the wards, these two ladies have it covered.

Watch Esther and Helen tell us about the many gold moments they have had as volunteers.

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